Monday, 12 September 2016

The Lazy Bag!

I recently came across the company 'Lazy bags,' whilst scrolling down my news feed on facebook. I checked out their facebook page and absolutely loved their product.

I saw that this company were hosting a competition to win one of their lazy bags and thought how wonderful it would be to win one of them, so I entered and won! They sent it surprisingly fast too and when I returned home from a mini break I was very happy to see the lazy bag waiting for me. 

I thought I would wait a couple of weeks before I did a post about the lazy bag so I could really test out the product in as many different places as possible. I did this. I used the lazy bag in many places including: inside, on grass and the beach. All locations I have found the lazy bag perfect- easy to inflate and put up, easy to get on, easy to get off and most importantly extremely comfortable! 

You can use the lazy bag pretty much anywhere- even on water (however with my balancing skills I don't think I'd stay on for too long). Its just like a blow up sofa, that can be shipped all across the world!

Someone even came up to us whilst using the lazy bag asking about it and he thought how wonderful it was! (I have to agree).

I caught my sister testing out the lazy bag by the sea, so I took some photos- I shall post a few below.

I would 100% recommend buying one of these fantastic products from this company, they are fairly cheap for what you can do with them and where you can use them, comfortable and easily portable as they come in a little bag which can be carried on the shoulder. 

If you wish to purchase a lazy bag just like this one (which come in many different pretty colours and patterns) you can find them on the following links: 

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