Thursday, 18 August 2016

Refuse To Conform Clothing

This post is all about a brand that I have recently come across, which is called Refuse To Conform. I found this brand by Lucy Spraggan wearing their products, I fell in love with some of the products and the reasoning behind the brand.

Refuse to Conform's main aim is to make clothing which isn't specific to one gender- for those who refuse to conform to societies gender stereotypes, which allows you as an individual to express your emotions, denote your character and to imply a strong statement. They say that the brand name, 'Refuse to Conform' was chosen so that people who wear this clothing feel empowered, inspired and determined to be their true selves, as they believe that there is nothing more important than being your true self, in which case, it is okay to be different, and to stand out from the crowd. 

"Embrace individuality."

They do all different items that can be for absolutely anybody. Some examples are: T-shirts, snapbacks, necklaces, beanies and trousers. My personal favourite item is the 'fxck the norms' beanie. 

Refuse to Conform kindly sent me some items to blog about, which I love. I have taken some photographs of some of the things that the have sent me.

The wristband: 

This wristband is my favourite product that they sent me, I personally love wearing bracelets and wristbands, so this is something that I would wear reguarly. Normally, when you have a wristband with a companies name on it, it doesnt actually mean anything, however, this one does and i adore the company name. 

The red star necklace:

I love this item itself, but I'm not particuarly a fan of the colour red, so not sure how much I myself would wear this, but I know many people who would. I love the back too it though, with RTC on.

The black star necklace:

I like this necklace more than the other one, I'm just a fan of black, plus it goes with everything! I definitely would wear this to any occasion and I think it looks nice with the outfit Kim has on the photographs that I have taken.

The fake plugs:

I love these as I love the colours on them. I think these are a brilliant idea for people wanting to look like they have real plugs in. I couldnt take a photo of Kim wearing these as she does not have her ears pierced unfortunately.

A special thank you to Refuse to Conform clothing for sending me these items to blog about, I really enjoyed doing it. 

Another thank you to my best friend Kim for modelling these products for me.

If you want to buy any of these items, they are available online through this link:

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