Friday, 3 June 2016

Birmingham Pride 2016

I think the idea of pride is absolutely amazing. It is a weekend where people can be free, just be themselves without living up to any one elses standards, and is a time where, 100%, you will be accepted, no matter what your gender or sexuality is- or anything for that matter. 

Everyone was so lovely, honestly, I did not see anyone, who I would not be proud to call a friend. 

The atmosphere was amazing too, everyone was hyped at the idea of being themselves. There were so many couples holding hands and just spreading love. It was so wonderful to see people being themselves and being proud of their sexuality. It was my first pride, and it was such an amazing experience- I do hope to go to pride events in the future. 

One of the massive pulling factors for me to go to pride, along with the whole pride experience, was the music side of it- Lucy Spraggan was performing. I have loved Luce since she was on the X-Factor and I have supported her ever since, as she is a wonderful, talented singer/song writer and she makes me feel so special. Also, when I found out that Tulisa Contostavlos would be performing I was even more hyped for pride, as Tulisa has been one of my favourite singers for as long as I can remember. 

Adding on to the whole Lucy at pride thing, I got to spend the day with some of my most favourite humans (and got to meet some for the first time)! I spent pretty much the whole day with Georgie, Hannah and Laura (my best friends) and Bethan (Hannah's sister). Which was so fun because i hadnt seen them in around 9 months- which went so slow! I also got to meet Em (and her wonderful friends), who is really, really lovely, and a fellow sprag, who I shall be seeing again really soon. I also got to see Josh, who I met at Miley's Bangerz tour in 2014, so it was really nice to see him again after 2 years!

I waited and watched Lucy perform at 2:45pm, and managed to record her full performance- however, it wont be very good as I was zoomed in and my hand wandered off several times so Lucy wasnt actually in the shot. Lucy sang many of my favourite songs, including: Join The Club, Last Night, Blues and Jeremy Kyle. She also covered Gold Digger which I absolutely love when she covers it. I dont know if she was looking at me directly or not but she looked in our direction a bit and even did a little nod! Once Lucy had finished her set, I waited at this fence thing with fabric netting on for her to walk past. She did, and she said something about direct messaging me but I had no idea what she said! So we went and waited around the corner where there were some barriers and waited. Lucy sent someone to fetch me, and i actually went through the barriers to see her around the corner. She is so amazing and i just love her so much. She then asked if my friends wanted photos with her, and obviously they did, who wouldnt? So we went around the corner and we took selfies and things, and then she took photos with the people there and I waited on the same side as her so I could tell her a message from my mum. I told her and she gave me a hug, and her VIP wristband and we said bye. Shes my favourite human and I am so thankful and lucky to have her in my life.

My first pride was such an amazing experience- I do hope to go to pride events in the future, which I cannot wait for already.

Georgie, me, Hannah, Bethan and Laura

Em and I

Georgie and I

Josh and I

Hannah and I

Me and Luce- 'normal' photo

Me and Luce- 'funny' photo

Me and Luce- telling her mums message

Me and Luce


  1. I've never been to a pride and I hope I get the opportunity too, for o feel I'd love to be around beautiful hearted people. I'm happy you got to experience such a lively event and live thru something memorable. I have not listened to Luce yet but have plans to. She from my point of perspective seams to be good and totally sweet. I saw their wedding photos and they were beautifully brilliant. I'm jealous you got to meet old friends and new. You were free and happy during your visit there and that makes me happy, because my friend is happy, I can't ask for anything better. I'm so happy you spent time with the whole group, lucky and very privileged people. I envy them all. Thank you for telling us, I enjoyed the read and hope to read more in the coming future. Thank you ebony, and good on you. Always remember that day at pride, its worth a lifetime to see that happiness again even of its in a memory.

    1. It was my first pride! Its so good honestly. Thank you so much. Yes listen to Lucy she is wonderful!