Monday, 8 June 2015

The ABCs Of Recovery

A is for Accepting you need help- it's the first step of recovery

B is for Bravery- I believe in you!

C is for Choosing life

D is for Drive- you need to have drive to recover, its a full time job you cant go in half hearted

E is for Eating- eating healthily will make you feel good 

F is for Freedom- allow yourself some freedom to do what you want to do

G is for Going out- get out and about to clear your mind

H is for Hope- the future looks bright 
for you 

I is for It is possible

J is for Just one step at a time- recovery takes time

K is for Knowing you are enough

L is for Love- love yourself, value the love others give you

M is for Making the best out of every situation- learn from your mistakes 

N is for New beginnnings, this is a new chapter of your life where you will be the happiest you've  ever been. Are you ready for this?

O is for Opening up to someone- talk it out

P is for Positivity- a positive mind = a positive life

Q is for Quiet- if you need a bit of time to think about things, go somewhere quiet

R is for Respect- respect yourself and what you need

S is for Support- you can't do it on your own!

T is for Treating yourself right- you can't recover if you hate yourself 

U is for Understanding yourself- understand what makes you uncomfortable, what triggers you ect so you can avoid these situations

V is for Valuing yourself

W is for Worthiness- you're worth it! 

X is for no Exceptions, recovery does not have a day off but you are capable and you can do this.

Y is for You can do this- I believe in you!

Z is for Zzz (sleep)


  1. Hello love! As a person who has been suffering with an anxiety disorder and depression for more than seven years now (I'm only 18 btw), I can assure you that everything you wrote here is true and I can relate to it! I don't think I would be here without the support of my bestfriend. Thank you being a support for many people because even if your helping through your blog posts, it can mean a lot more to those who don't have anyone to help and be there for them! I look forward to read more of your beautiful blog! All the love, Eva (also known as @calcornflake on twitter aka the bird victim hahah) xxx

    1. Awh lovely! Im so proud of you, thankyou for your lovely commemts! I hope the evil birds stay away from you Eva, love you :) xx

  2. This is really helpful! Will be looking at this on my down days! :)

    1. Thank you Shannon! Awh im glad, stay strong :)

  3. just wrote this down in my diary!☺😊
    I love your blog, and As a person who has suffered from depression ad self harm, this is really helpful, please always keep blogging I'm 100% sure you also help loads of people out there, Stay Strong. -Nuriya

    1. Awh thank you lovely! Thank you for your kind words :)

  4. This is amazing. I love it. This would be agreat source to look at when I am feeling low and I will look at this if I am (:

    1. Thank you anon! Im always here if you are low

  5. Your blog is flawless, I will recommend it to my friends as well. Ily

  6. Awesome thought ...
    I like the V part most...

  7. Awesome thought ...
    I like the V part most...