Saturday, 15 March 2014

100 Reasons To Be Happy

Because things aren't great at the minute, I thought I'd post something that was more positive, and that'd make me realise what I have already got.

So Im going to start with this list and Im going to make this personal to me, so lets see how far I can get!

1. I am alive
2. I am healthy
3. I have a lovely family
4. Music exists
5. I have a good support network
6. I have some of the bestest friends around
7. Miley Cyrus
8. Demi Lovato
9. I have an education
10. Being unhappy is a waste of time
11. I only have a limited time on this earth so why not make the most of it?
12. I have safe drinking water and enough food
13. Theres always someone there for me
14. I have a roof over my head
15. I live in quite a safe area
16. Twitter exists
17. Flowers are pretty and are a sign of hope
18. I have nice clothes to wear
19. Theres is a future
20. Im strong
21. My dreams
22. I will meet all of my internet friends one day
23. Ive helped people when they were struggling
24. Ive had a big impact on someones life
25. Ive maybe even saved someones life
26. I saw my two biggest idols in concert and my dreams came true
27. My idol noticed me in person
28. Lucy Spraggan
29. There are good people in the world
30. Pizza
31. Ive travelled to various places and theres still a lot to come
32. Something good is about to happen
33. Tomorrow could be the best day of my life
34. Snow
35. I can see(with the help of my glasses)
36. I can hear
37. Someone is willing to listen to me right now
38. Its never too late as long as im alive
39. The best time to have followed my dreams was yesterday. The next best time is now
40. I hung in there when I was ready to let go
41. I could stop right this instant and decide to change your mood
42. My family and friends love and support you
43. I have the most amazing pet in the whole world
44. I reconnected with an old best friend
45. Concerts
46. Youtube vlogs
47. Food
48. I made some new friends on twitter and at concerts who have become my best friends
49. People care all around the world
50. The countryside
51. Progress
52. I made it through school without completely breaking
53. Technology
54. I am worthy of life
55. American accents
56. I need very little to be happy
57. I am me
58. Same sex marriage legalization
59. I am good enough
60. Water slides
61. Many people have survives life threatening illnesses
62. Happiness is contagious
63. Cameras
64. More illnesses have cures today than ever before
65. Im not alone
66. When you’re happy, you live a healthier life
67. If you can’t do what you love, you might as well love what you do
68. I can walk down the streets without fearing for my life
69. My circumstances could be a lot worse
70. Kindness is the greatest cure for almost anything
71. Im not a bully
72. I have the ability to learn something new
73. Pugs exist
74. My parents are still together
75. I can always make, write or do something new 
76. I have someone that will almost look after me if I become ill
77. Bad feelings will pass
78. Dogs in cute clothes
79. Internet friends will be closer than I'd ever dreamed of some day
80. There is over 85,000 people that care about me on twitter
81. Orange is the new black
82. Halloween- can scare little kids muahaha
83. One day I will meet my idols
84. Drawing
85. Justin Bieber surprising fans
86. Memories that last a lifetime
87. Pattie Mallette exists 
88. Miley is hosting the VMAs
89. People who care and make an effort to influence positive thoughts 
90. Pen pals 
91. People who just want to make others happy 
92. Disneyland Paris 
93. Swizzly chairs that spin- so fun 
94. I am better than bullies
95. My bed
96. I have the cutest cousins on this earth
97. I have enough money to do what U want 
98. I am not a copy
99. The noise otters make- it's so cute
100. And finally, I am me